Cristina Puglisi

My name is Cristina and I'm not a girl different from the others. Quite introverted, but at the same time curious and sometimes impertinent.

I don't like to call myself an artist, beacuse, after all, aren't we all a bit? We all admire someone else's works. Raphael imitated Michelangelo. Giotto, Cimabue.

Art is a chain that follows one another over time and identifies itself as it is, genuine, spontaneuous and original and the artist is the one who lets himself be carried away by passion.

Art is a passion in every sense and in every area and where there is a passion, there is also a feeling, life. Life itself is therefore art. The artist is life, the maximum extreme interpreter of feeling.

We can all be artists in every day, every minute and moment, each of us breathes Art. You just need to be sensitive to be able to read it in a small details and love it as it is. From a ray of sunshine to a drop of falling dew. Art is abstract, but also concrete.

It's a joy but also sadness. It's soul, light or dark. I am not an artist, I am just an vase like everyone who likes to fill up and overflow with Art.